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footage shot outside of a community center in west london. what do you see? >> a railing. a pole. >> keep watching. >> the bushes. >> ooh! ah. that was ayman! a man ghost. >> in is wa posted on metro news, and according to the watchman, he was just watching the monitors and he saw this live on the monitor, so he went outside to check to see if he had just missed someone who walked in and out of the community center. there was no one to be seen. and get this. it gets spookier. this community center was used for pra prisoner of war camp during world war ii. >> kind of looked like he was dressed as a teacher. >> i'm a skeptic. i want to believe but, no, no. >>> every time we see dolphins swimming videos we always say, wouldn't it be great to swim with them or swim like them? you can now thanks to the slide board. we've seen this thing before, but you've never seen the fly board quite like this because this is a look through the supertramp's lens. you know everybody's out there having a good time with a bunch of good-looking girls and projects on these slide boards and it's so much fun to wat
-known globally, gains international destinations such as london and cities in latin america. both gain in the u.s. "american's got great postion in ny and miami. u.s. airways brings in charlotte, philadelphia national. it's going to be good for business travelers." if the merger is approved by anti-trust regulators, 86% of domestic flights would be handled by american and three other carriers: united, delta and southwest. already, analysts predict airfare will rise 5% across the board this year. some think the merger assures that beyond this year. "there will still be competition, but it does mean slightly higher fares." as for frequent flyers, miles on both carriers will be combined. but miles earned on u.s. airways, currently applied to united, will shift to american, but not right away. in fact, it may take seveal months before passengers see any significant effect. the merger still has be approved by federal anti-trust regulators, american's bankruptcy judge and shareholders of u.s. airways. carnival is working to get passengers home following a four-day cruise that turned into a more-than-
to concerns over the bank's massive 2012 trading debacle. "in light of the london whale, the financial crisis of 2008, the libor crisis, the municipal bid rigging crisis, we think there is a problem with risk management at jpmorgan and we want an independent person running the board on behalf of shareholders." last month, dimon's compensation was cut in half. we reached jp morgan chase, but a spokesman declined comment. banks for a while have been criticized for not lending, but that's changing. commercial loans to business were up 16% in 2012. banks are benefitting from a lot of cash on hand. deposits have surged to $9 trillion, up 29% since 2008. in our cover story, it has been ten years since fire killed a hundred people and injured hundreds more at a rhode island night club, the tragedy made worse, many believe, because the building did not have automatic fire sprinklers. yet even after ten years of trying, the push for more sprinklers has been largely unsuccessful. it resumes next week in congress. when fire erupted at the station, a nightclub in west warwick, rhode island, rob feeney th
and you're going through london and you're couch-surfing, your travel insurance is going to be a lot less than if you are 65 and you are going to guatemala to hike. and the older you get, the more expensive it is. > i still feel people might buy this and then something is not covered. so what does it include? > > you could get a really jacked-up medical insurance plan that is going to cost you 200, 300 bucks; or you could get a basic plan that will only cost you, say, $25 or $30. so, you need to look at the policies, you need to see what you have on your own insurance policy - remember, if you are on medicare, you do not have coverage outside of the country - and you just need to look at that and compare and shop around. do not, do not buy travel insurance from a travel agent, because they get commissions on that, and they are not really selling you the best policy for you. > good to know. you can find more on that is jennifer waters of consumer confidential. thanks jen. > > thank you. still ahead, how to budget for the rising cost of college. that's next. and there's a
warmed hearts just a year ago in london. >>> a student is learning the hard way that wearing a gas mask to a school was not very funny. officers blocked off the area while teachers kept students inside classrooms. police identified the suspect as 18-year-old christopher egerton who they found inside his classroom. >> i wouldn't say he's really a jokester but he definitely likes to push people's buttons. >> reporter: egerton wrote last night, kind of thinking about wearing a gas mask to school tomorrow, funny or weird? >>> police say they have surveillance video showing the actual vehicle. it's a white or silver chevrolet hhr. on monday night a man shot the 21-year-old uc santa cruz student in the head then took her backpack. it happened at a bus stop on natural bridges drive. here is a police sketch of the gunman as described by the victim. she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> criminal cabbies picking up fares in san francisco. it's a big problem that has now escalated into something far more troublesome. ktvu has learned police are now looking for at least two drivers who recen
to appear in court again tomorrow as he seeks bail. >>> and in london, the dutchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since it was revealed in december she is expected. observers noticed a little baby bump. the first child of prince william and the dutchess is expected in july. >>> dozens of folks got their cheeks swabbed to see if they might be a match but also to add their names to the national registry which has a shortage of black registered donors. >>> in the african american community we have a dire need for people in our community to get a bone marrow match. >> westin is in need of a bone marrow replacement within a week. it's not known if a match was found in today's event. just last week westin and his wife renewed their wedding vows. >>> we have more information on the woman found dead in hayward last night. her podty -- body was found in a homeless encampment. >>> also we know now the name of the man killed by a train last night. the coroner identified the man as 22-year-old semir meture. he was struck by the train near homer avenue. meture walked directly in front
benefits to same-sex partners. that act is currently on the supreme court docket for spring. >>> in london the british house of commons voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. the vote was 100 to 175. it was the first step toward allowing same-sex couples to marry. half of the members of the conservative party either obstainde or voted against it. >>> in acapulco men raped six women. violence linked to cartel is on the increase but usually tourists have been spared in that resort city. >>> in canada, say goodbye to the penny. the royal canadian mint stock distributing the penny. they say the coins just cost too much to make. businesses are now being urged to start rounding prices to the nearest nickels. some people are turning pennys into art or useful things like buttons. >>> two state lawmakers introduced legislation that would require gun owners to have special liability insurance to cause damages or injuries caused by their weapons. gun owners who take gun safety classes or keep their guns lock up would get insurance breaks. >>> and a grass roots group and local law enforcement
at this meeting in three years. >>> the new secretary of the state john kerry is in london on his first trip overseas as america's chief diplomat. kerry is scheduled to visit nine countries in the next few days. the goal is to find the fix problem in syria. >>> from nascar's biggest race to where it all begins. the significance of today's historic daytona 500 and its impact on young bay area race drivers. >>> jimmy carter makes a vi >>> more now on that breaking news off the coast of san mateo county. an extensive search is on the way as the coast guard tries to find four people who are believed to have abandoned their sailboat. here's a live look. the coast guard told us they expect one of their two cutters to arrive in the area off the coast within the next hour. the coast guard says two of the four people who are on the boat or were on the boat are children under the age of 8. right now the search is centered about 65 miles off pillar point but the coast guard is asking the public for help. >> we don't currently know the name of the vessel. where they were going to or coming from or what
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8